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about-1Manana Youth Educational Cultural Center is a cutting-edge multimedia training organization that works to develop the intellectual and creative talents of young people between the ages of 9-25 in Armenia. The Manana Youth Center was founded in 1995 and seeks to create an environment for the overall creative and intellectual development of children and youth. Students are educated as artists and critical thinkers and through classes at Manana Youth Center; they become socially minded citizens speaking for their generation. 

about-2The educational process is organized through regular classes in 4 main studios operating at Manana Center:

  • Journalism studio, where students develop their overall creative abilities, as well as learn how to write essays and journalistic reports and take interviews.


  • Photojournalism studio, where students learn the basics of photography, different genres of it and also develop practical skills during usual photo trips and studio set shootings.


  • Filmmaking studio, where students understand the process of creating a film, starting from developing the concept, pre-production up to shootings and post-production (editing). 


  • Animation studio, where students learn different techniques (e.g. graphic, cut-paper, stop-motion, sand, etc.) of making animation films.