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“Media Behind The Scenes”

The training course (Erasmus+ youth exchange) “Media Behind The Scenes” organised by The European Dialog and European Youth Press was held from April 24th to May 2nd in Stará Lesná, Slovakia. 5 representatives from Manana Center were among 40...

“18 in 18”

Two young journalists from Manana Center participated in a project named “18 in 18”, organized by Peace village, which took place on 24-29 of August, 2018, in Belgium, Mesen. 61 participants from 35 countries from all over the world...

Media Moving Forward

In July 9-16 five young reporters from Manana Center traveled to Salzburg, Austria to participate “Media Moving Forward” project organized by Youth Press. Delegations from Austria, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro were also attending. During...

Young journalists against corruption

Two representatives of Manana Center Diana Shahbazyan and Lilit Karapetyan participated in the training course “Let’s go public!” in Vilnius, Lithuania, which was the third activity of the project “Detecting, Deterring and Reporting Corruption”, implemented by the European Youth...